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SOCCEREAL is a blog dedicated to the promotion of soccer game in
the United States of America. Where  football has become so popular,
hence displacing soccer, it is trite to promote this game that
actually answers ‘football’ in other parts of the world. If soccer
eventually earns popularity in the United States, it will hence
attract other goodies that go with it especially in Europe. Soccer
won’t displace football in America, but it will reinforce it as a
healthy RIVAL!

When it comes to information about soccer, We blaze the trail, while others trail the blaze!!!


Have your say:  Who wins 2012 FIFA Ballon d’Or?

The Federation of International Football Association, FIFA, has narrowed the fight for the best soccer player in the world to Cristiano Ronaldo, Andre Iniesta and Lionel Messi. The trio plies their trade at the Spanish La Liga, with Ronaldo playing for Real Madrid and the duo – Messi and Iniesta play for the Madrid’s archrival – Barcelona FC. Come January 7th, 2013, FIFA will announce who among the three wins the price. But before then, who do you think would carry the day?

2012 FIFA BALLON D'ORJanuary 7th, 2013
Who wins FIFA Ballon d'Or!!!
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